This is my own little iCarly episode called iGo Out With Gibby

Setting: Groovy Smoothies

Carly: (Carly sits down at Gibby's table) Gibby, what's wrong? Your text says that you are upset.

Gibby: Tasha broke up with me for this skunk bag named Chester who is better than me.

Carly: Oh, I am so sorry.

T-Bo: Want some doughnuts?

Carly: T-Bo!

(T-Bo walks away in shame.)

Gibby: And the Spring Fling Dance is coming up and I do not have a date.

Carly: Maybe..... maybe......

Gibby: Maybe what?

Carly: Maybe I should go to the dance with you. Just for one night, nothing special.

Gibby: I don't know, Carls. Tasha is hotter than you.

Carly: I will throw this Strawberry Splitz in your face if you don't say yes for you to go to the dance with me.

Gibby: Okay. But just as friends.

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