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iGo Out With Gibby part 3: the End

Joyme456 April 17, 2011 User blog:Joyme456

Carly and Gibby are dancing at the dance.

Setting: Ridgeway Gym

Carly: Gibby, I hear that Tasha and her band, The Rockers are playing tonight.

Gibby: Yeah, what's it to ya?

Carly; Well, Gibby I don't want you to get hurt when she sings.

Gibby: Oh, I won't. She is a horrible singer.

(Carly raises her eyebrows)

Gibby: Okay, maybe she has a powerful, beautiful voice.

Carly: No chez.

(Tasha comes out on stage with her band singing a beautiful song about Gibby and how she now isn't in love with Chester)

Chester: I love you too, babe!!!!!!!!!!! (he begins to cry)

(Gibby comes on stage and starts to kiss Tasha)

Crowd: Ewwwwwww.

Sam: That is more disturbing than my Mom running in a too tight bikini on a hot summer day.

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