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iLove Miranda Cosgrove part 1

Joyme456 October 8, 2011 User blog:Joyme456

Carly: Hey, Freddie!! (touches his cheeks)

Freddie: Hey, you know I don't like it when you touch my face like that.

Carly: Sorry.

Freddie: That usually means you're super happy. What goes on at school?

Carly: Well, you know the singer, Miranda cosgrove.

Freddie: She looks just like you, but way hotter, has more cheekbone structure, has a better voice, and has almost two million likes on Facebook, but you have almost one million.

Carly: Thank you for making me a little sad about my hotness, cheeks, singing, and social status.

Freddie: Sorry, kid.

Carly: That's okay. But my good news about her is that she is performing at our Fall Fling in three days!

Freddie: No way! I am going to ask her if she can sign my poster of her.

Carly: you scare me sometimes.

Spencer (comes from lobby of apartment) this hobo jumped on me, kissed me on the eyebrow, left, then said, "Burgers are nice." when i was at In-and-Out Burger

Carly: Nice to see you had a perfectly normal day.

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