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What singers/Bands do you hate?

Jrev August 3, 2011 User blog:Jrev

Im just bored so i wanna know what singers or bands you hate!

I Hate: Big time rush,,,,Brittney Spears,,,,Green Day,,,,Linkin Park,,,,Blink 182,,,,,OwlCity,,,,Drake,,,,,Lil Wayne,,,,Rihanna,,,,,Chris Brown,,,,Foo Fighters,,,,Adele,,,,,Korn,,,,,Slipknot,,,,,Usher,,,,,Five finger death punch,,,,,Black Eyed Pees,,,,,,Pitbull,,,,,,,Cee Lo Green,,,,,,Disturbed,,,,,,LMFAO,,,,,,The script,,,,,Jay-Z,,,,50 cent,,,,Blue October,,,,Bruno Mars,,,,And still alot more...

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