As you can see, we will now be featuring our Top 4 Weekly Contributors on the Main Page! Every week this feature will be updated with the top 4 users who have made the most edits for that week.

Congratulations to SwedishTacos223, our #1 Contributor, XCecilex, our #2 Contributor, XxCreddieShipperxX, our #3 Contributor, and SeddieBerserker, our #4 Contributor!!! You guys are rock stars!!

Keep editing, iCarly fans, and you might see yourself up there! Remember to put a picture on your user page so that you can be featured in style.

FYI: The Top Contributor Feature is based on weekly edits, NOT total edits, so it won't match the total edit count in the right hand corner of your MyHome--next week we will be rolling out iCarly Achievement Awards that you can earn for having the most Total Edits, so stay tuned!

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