• Kaila.s16

    Finally! I know it's only a promo (and it's not in good quality), but hey - it's somethin', ain't it not? :P

    I found the video on YouTube, and yeah, here's the link: Click this super sexy link right here. *seductive voice* You know you want to...

    It doesn't look like a Seddie episode. ): But hey, promo's don't really show that much...heck, sometimes they make the episode seem completely different just to annoy us crazy fans (like the promo for iSFW).

    Man, I really hope Seddie happens. I'm pretty sure it will...I mean, iKiss (the "Hey, I hate you." and "Hate you, too." thing being a game and such), iThink They Kissed, iSpeed Date (the last 60 seconds - Dan Schneider even mentioned that part of the episode) and all those cute, Seddie moments we…

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