Finally! I know it's only a promo (and it's not in good quality), but hey - it's somethin', ain't it not? :P

I found the video on YouTube, and yeah, here's the link: Click this super sexy link right here. *seductive voice* You know you want to...

It doesn't look like a Seddie episode. ): But hey, promo's don't really show that much...heck, sometimes they make the episode seem completely different just to annoy us crazy fans (like the promo for iSFW).

Man, I really hope Seddie happens. I'm pretty sure it will...I mean, iKiss (the "Hey, I hate you." and "Hate you, too." thing being a game and such), iThink They Kissed, iSpeed Date (the last 60 seconds - Dan Schneider even mentioned that part of the episode) and all those cute, Seddie moments weren't there for nothing, yeah?

So keep your hopes up, my fellow Seddiers! Things will soon take their places! (That was rather cheesy. Let's pretend I didn't say that.)

Well, adios!


(P.S: Ugh, butter. I forgot the word "Idiot" in the title. -.-" I'm such an idiot. )':)

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