Im a HARD core seddie shipper . im so many diffrent online fanclubs websites like Fanpop, tumbler , devaittionART , youtube ... have my own channle seddie 24 7 .. . . Seddis my favorite ship ever . This is my fanpop profile . iv like 10 medas shiping lots stuff like Buffy , supernatural ,smallvile , iCarly , Im more into fantasy stuff . But for some reason iCarlys the exsption . But i think its clear that the only reason i watch the show is cause i ship seddie . . In fanpop seddie has there fanclub were i spend most of life on . , ( Sam & Freddie spot ) the iCarly spots ok but there always pissed about ships so i dont really handout there . i have a twitter but i forgot my passwrord . .. have a tumbler but not shore how to use . . i love makin fanvideos & fanart ... i will love to be able to post all my fanart all in one place. . This is my You tube channle .. im really prode of my videos just wish i can get more attention . . .. most of my videos are happy cute songs ... but i just made my first powerful one ... that made me sad to post on youtube .

well there not much to tell about me ... taking collages class ship like that XD XD

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