So I know this is kinda off-topic but I have noticed propoganda about Europeans in recent Nick and Disney shows.


It ALWAYS has to be the weird Russian/Ukrainian/German etc person who doesn't know how to speak english and is poor.

So Random (Disney show)

Look who comes in to clean. A RUSSIAN person. She is poor, dirty, dressed in 200 year clothes, and doesn't know how to speak english. Oh yeah, and she HAS to be a cleaning lady JUST because Russians have to get the worst jobs ....

This was just one example.

Bucket and Skinner's Adventures

I watched the first episode of it (Nick show) and Kelly (Ashley Argota) says:

"I can pick you or this other Ukranian guy running for class president. All that guy can say is "I like shampoo"

These are just two examples.

Having European roots myself, I am kind of offended that they think of Europeans this way. -.-

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