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What would happen if Drake and Josh were on iCarly?

KatyKat20 December 31, 2010 User blog:KatyKat20

Hey I know this probably would never happen but what would happen if Drake and Josh were on iCarly? I recently read a blog about this (I think it was on this wiki) and some of the comments were that Miranda couldnt play two characters. I think she could because remember in iTwins where Jennette McCurdy played two characters Sam and Melanie? That worked out fine. They would just have to make Miranda look a little like Megan when she plays Megan and make her look like Carly when she plays Carly! I dont know about Spencer and Crazy Steve though. But I really miss Drake and Josh and I'm curious what do you think would happen? What crazy things would go on? Type away.............

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