ok so we all know that Season 4 is inst going all that great and we know that there are 3 episodes left of Season 4 and Dan Schneider said on his blog that if you were dissapointed by episodes like iStart A Fanwar he said that you would enjoy these episodes. We dont know when they are going to air and we've been waiting like forever for them but anyway so I have to know which of these 3 are you most excited for? iHire An Idiot, iPity The Nevel or iParty With Victorious? I'm probably most excited for iParty With Victorious because I LOVE Victorious and I'm sooo excited to see some of the iCarly cast interact with the Victorious cast!

oh yeah and dont forget the #310 episode too! so Its either iHire An Idiot, iPity The Nevel, iParty With Victorious and the mysterious #310. I'm not even sure #310 is an episode though.

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