FANDOM (Ariana Grande, and fan), 12 sec. (Miranda's 18th birthday cake), 14 sec. (Miranda's 18th birthday cake), 36 sec. (Miranda and Matt Bennett, in booth), 1 min. 4 sec. (Jennette, dancing with kids), 36 sec. (Jennette, dancing with kids-2), 3 min. 5 sec. (Jennette, signing autographs), 15 sec. (Nathan), 5 sec. (Nathan and 2 fans), 9 sec. (Victoria Justice), 19 sec. (Nathan and Daniela Monet--singing), 40 sec. (Dan, auctioning off dinner with 6 cast members 8:26pm), 10 min. (Dan, with iCarly-Victorious casts on-couch, Miranda's b-day at 3 min 40 sec., 8:38pm), 6 min. (Dan, auction with iCarly on-stage, winner at 3 min 22 sec, 8:44pm), 3 min. 38 sec. (Dan, auction with Victorious on-stage, 8:49pm), 3 min 28 sec. (Ariana, Matt, Daniella, Victoria, Dan at auction, 8:57pm), 1 min 44 sec (Leaving The Peabody, 10:09pm), 55 sec.


Daniella Monet's answers to questions on her trip to Memphis, (May 19, 2011)

Casts of iCarly and Victorious come together for St. Jude, WMC-tv5 (Memphis, TN), May 16, 2011

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