Once i got a dog a long time ago.I like when i was 6,7 years old.My brother went to the bathroom and the door was open and the dog crawl in the bathroom and got my brother pants so he grabbed it and ran all over the house i was trying to chase Candy ( the dog). Now finally i got him and try to pull it and pull pull but he won`t just let go off it.But we got an idea he always crazy for a treat snacks so i was holding it then put it in front of his face then ran all over the house now Candy was chasing me so he let go the pant then i ran to the pant and pick it up fastest as i could so i put the snack on the floor then he ate it.

             Next day i woke up and went out of my room then played with Candy and feed him food but later on we were playing so much but he also PUKE on the rug it all white and then i had to clean it ewwwww i hate it it stink and i felt it yuck i can`t believed it i touch it i should never touch it at all yucky it awfuly gross man seriously and also he pooped and pee on the rug all over the place yuck.But something make me sad that my Grandma took the Candy and gave it to my big brother friend, Joe he kept the dog forever because my Grandma hate that dog i really make me so sad so i cried and cried and cried that i misses my dog so much and that day i never see him again.

                              The End
                     P.S. This story it true for real i mean it!!!!

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