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The seddie arc- What Dan really wanted 2 tell us

Well this is my first blog so please be nice :)

Ok well i know many of you are feeling sad because of the seddie break up but I have something to say. Dan was just giving us a taste of seddie. I think its because all the fans got much 2 controlling over his TV show. But I just want everyone to know, that it is a tv show and it is not real. We all became way 2 obsessive of this shipping stuff.

I do believe that the seddie arc was not pointless, as in the end they did say they loved eachother. But I think what they were trying 2 say (They meaning Dan and writers and stuff) That they will always have feelings 4 eachother but just are afraid to be together now. As they did say it was intense and i think they will come around again when they feel more mature and comfortable.

Please comment and make my day :)

-Keep calm & LUV seddie :)

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