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    December 27, 2011 by KeetaSeddie

    Hey-o! KeetaSeddie here or as you all know me, ChurchPants+ParoleBaby=LOVE!

    I just wanted to post an excerpt from one of my newest books I'm writing: A Matchmaker's Sunday.

    Even though nobody, not even you, sees what I do...I know we have what I've always dreamed of. Something unbreakable, irreplaceble, and untouchable to the outsiders. A love that holds so dearest to my heart, even when I'm gone and married, I know I'll still think about you, what may have happened. And if I do marry you, some how, every night I'll think how I am so lucky, and how you don't deserve me...But you know, since you're imaginary in my head, Outcome 1 is more possible. -Excerpt from my new book, A Matchmaker's Sunday

    So anyway, tell me what you think and be sure t…

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