Hey-o! KeetaSeddie here or as you all know me, ChurchPants+ParoleBaby=LOVE!

I just wanted to post an excerpt from one of my newest books I'm writing: A Matchmaker's Sunday.

Even though nobody, not even you, sees what I do...I know we have what I've always dreamed of. Something unbreakable, irreplaceble, and untouchable to the outsiders. A love that holds so dearest to my heart, even when I'm gone and married, I know I'll still think about you, what may have happened. And if I do marry you, some how, every night I'll think how I am so lucky, and how you don't deserve me...But you know, since you're imaginary in my head, Outcome 1 is more possible. -Excerpt from my new book, A Matchmaker's Sunday

So anyway, tell me what you think and be sure to look out for my newest book coming out on shelves and on ebookstores, Signs of Labor by Elise Mathews.


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