These Are Parts From iCarly Episodes And Website Segments.

In iLove You, Sam breaks up with Freddie. Most people are unaware that Carly did not break up Sam and Freddie on purpose. Carly was trying to break up Spencer and his old babysitter. Sam thought that her relationship with Freddie was kind of related because of their different hobbies. Freddie disagrees, still wanting to date Sam. He soon says the words, "I love you" as if those words were all that Sam wanted to hear. Afterwords they break up at midnight. Most people still predict that Carly broke up Sam and Freddie on purpose to get closer to Freddie. These theorys are not true. Carly did not hear Sam and Freddie coming downstairs to the living room.

In a segment on, called You're In Luck. It is about Sam asking a manager at the restaurant, Pini's. The game show is on a tv screen installed in the boys bathroom. In one episode, Sam asks Freddie if kisses better than Carly. Freddie decides not to answer the question because he thinks either answer someone will get hurt. Sam seems to want her to be chosen and she will certainly not tell Carly.

In iOpen A Resturaunt, Sam gets jealous when Freddie starts to have a crush on Carly. When Sam first saw Freddie flirting with Carly, she had a sad look on her face.

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