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    It was 8:00 am in the morning.  When Carly woke up, she dizzled.

    Carly: Uh, Sam, we totally drank too much soda last night.

    Sam: Nothing's too big for Sam Puckett.

    Sam fainted on the couch.  Carly checked the clock.

    Carly: Oh no! (Shaking Sam) Wake up! Were already two minutes late for school!

    Sam only opened an eye, as she bags under them.

    Sam: Uh, Carly, I've been two hours late to school and only got a detention slip for slacking, that's the fun of it.

    Carly: Two hours? We might as well call off sick today.

    Sam got up, but opened two eyes this time.

    Sam: I think I have a thoughful plan shaping up, Carly.

    Both girls got up and woke up Spencer. 

    Spencer: Ah, what? Shouldn't you kids be at school?

    Carly: (In a sweet voice) Listen Spencer, I really neeā€¦

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