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Carly and Sam, The New Babysitters

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It was 8:00 am in the morning.  When Carly woke up, she dizzled.

Carly: Uh, Sam, we totally drank too much soda last night.

Sam: Nothing's too big for Sam Puckett.

Sam fainted on the couch.  Carly checked the clock.

Carly: Oh no! (Shaking Sam) Wake up! Were already two minutes late for school!

Sam only opened an eye, as she bags under them.

Sam: Uh, Carly, I've been two hours late to school and only got a detention slip for slacking, that's the fun of it.

Carly: Two hours? We might as well call off sick today.

Sam got up, but opened two eyes this time.

Sam: I think I have a thoughful plan shaping up, Carly.

Both girls got up and woke up Spencer. 

Spencer: Ah, what? Shouldn't you kids be at school?

Carly: (In a sweet voice) Listen Spencer, I really need to stay home today. 

Sam: (In a mean voice) and we have a terrible cough.

Spencer woke up and opened two eyes.

Spencer: Terrible cough? I'll get you two to bed right now and won't forgot the Pear  Phones!

Sam and Carly looked at eachother.

Sam and Carly: Total perfect day.

All school day, the girls texted eachother pretending to be sick: Uh, I think I'm going to sneeze,  Woo, I need a doctor, and boy what an idiot Spencer is.  Afterschool, Freddie came over.

Sam: (Woosily) Freddie, were sick, go away now before you catch our cold

Freddie: Well find, I have a surprise but I guess you don't want it.

Both girls got up, guessing.

Carly: Is it a new Pear Phone? I heard the Pear Phone 5 is totally coming out next month!

Sam: Is it meat? Mama loves her meat, ya know.

Freddie: No, it's something much better.

Carly and Sam: WHAT IS IT?????

Freddie pulled it out.

Freddie: It's my three year old little sister  Stephanie. 

Carly was amused.

Carly: Awwww, she's so cute.  And she still has baby fat too.

Stephanie: I wanna thank Carly Sam, for letting Stephanie come over.

Freddie: She was recently two.

Carly: Well your welcome.

Sam: Thanks kid.

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