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kissin' carly in pee wee babies

Kitten876 October 10, 2010 User blog:Kitten876

Pee Wee Babies are an obvious parody of Beanie Babies, and they were first mentioned on iCarly in the episode iDate a Bad Boy. Carly is shocked to find out that her then boyfriend Griffin collects Pee Wee Babies, to the point of it being a serious problem in their relationship. Carly didn't like it because Pee Wee Babies were mostly all Griffin talked about. It's also mentioned that Carly used to own some Pee Wee Babies when she was smaller. In the episode iBeat the Heat, Griffin returns to Carly's apartment with his Pee wee Babies, as they cannot get too hot or they will be destroyed and Carly's apartment is the only one in the building that is cool and has air conditioning, so he politely asks her to come in so they don't get destroyed. A old man also sits on "Peter" the Penguin, which we have seen in iDate a Bad Boy in which Griffin offers Carly to hold only if her hands are clean. Its also said that there is a Pee Wee Baby convention that Griffin attends.

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