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aka Sonja the evil

  • I live in the United States
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is trying to understand the world around me
  • I am some unusual woman
  • Kittygirl7878

    dead wiki. but i'm only undead. lots is going on with my mind right now. new things about me. it's 2013!

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  • Kittygirl7878

    Halloween has recently passed. some of us went trick or treating (like me), some went to parties, and some just stayed home. either way, we all had to be dressed as something. what were you dressed as?

    I was dressed as Danny from Hollywood Undead. I got a blank mask and made it look like his previous mask (because they updated their masks after I made it). then I wore a good t shirt, a black hoodie, blue baggy jeans, and skater shoes. no one knew who I was. many people thought I looked creepy. one family thought I was an Oscar award!

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  • Kittygirl7878

    what's happening?

    February 23, 2012 by Kittygirl7878

    for such a long time (and I've noticed it for a long time as well), on this wiki, 95% of everything is getting off-topic. I never see anyone blog about iCarly or how the wiki works anymore. it's all about what happened to their selves, and of course, game blogs and blog series. plus, some of the comments, if not all (mostly on the Seddie page) are completely off topic and about personal lives and opinionated things. what's happening here? what's happening, you tell me. you tell me right now! what's happening, nothing about iCarly anymore!

    I'm aware that I've blended into this kind of stuff in the past, but right now I'm feeling upset and worried about it. the iCarly wiki is about iCarly, not random things that you would say on YouTube, Face…

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  • Kittygirl7878

    since there are a lot of blogs dedicated to Christmas and Christmas things, I wanted to make one about Hanukkah and dreidels!

    if you don't know what dreidel is, it's a game that is played during Hanukkah by Jewish people. it's a game of luck with candy, coins, or other betting items. dreidels have 4 sides, נ (Nun), ג (Gimel), ה (Hei), and ש (Shin). nun means nothing. gimel means you get all the tokens. hei means you get half of the tokens. shin means you have to put one token back in the pot. for more information, click here

    back to the topic. you ask what you want your dreidel to look like, and I'll draw it for you. I'll also put your name in them

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  • Kittygirl7878

    Cam manips I made

    December 2, 2011 by Kittygirl7878

    a long time ago, I made Cam manips. I added them to the Cam gallery (it's on the Cam Extras page)

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