I was thinking about Cam for a few minutes, and how Nick and most fans would feel if they saw a same-gender pairing on iCarly (not just Cam, but others), and I was also thinking about what Nick would do about it. I wanna ask, how would you feel about a same-gender pairing happening on iCarly and what would you think Nick would do about it?

I would feel okay about those kind of pairings happening, since I'm used to it (it didn't take that long for me to get used to it) and I think they're kinda cute. I think Nick would not ban the episode or iCarly, but make it air on Teen Nick instead of regular Nick. or they would do nothing, because Nora kissed a girl and Nick didn't seem to care (though it may be because Dan made it a joke)

edit: due to many haters, comments are disabled. haters can offend me

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