I've been seeing that you guys hated iStart a Fanwar all because there were no ships. but I need to say something about this:

I really disagree with you all. iSAFW was very awesome! even though there was no Seddie, it was awesome!

[in honest voice] and let me tell you something. iCarly is about comedy, not ships. you don't need to hate an episode just because it didn't have much Creddie, Seddie, or any other pairing. I did wish for Seddie, but I was also thinking that there was going to be no pairing. Seddie fans: you don't need to hate this because there were less moments than Creddie. Creddie fans: you don't need to hate it because Carly kept saying that she wasn't dating Freddie. you should really hate an episode because it's too boring, too offending to you (there are episodes that do that to me), or not really iCarly-ish. we ALL need to love iCarly episodes mainly on what it's mainly about: comedy. okay?

but there is still a possibility that ships will happen. most of those are saved for the last few episodes, so don't get your hopes up on earlier episodes.

and start loving the sub plots, too! Spencer VS Aspartamay was so epic! and where Gibby's grandfather was trying to order soup at Inside Out Burger, that was hilarious! it wasn't a waste of time.

don't think that Nathan lied about there being a twist or Dan messing up everything. there was a twist. it was either that Aspartamay finally died or that there was no pairing. Dan just tries to make us laugh. I still like him.

so why don't we all just love iCarly for EVERYTHING! comedy, laughter, talents, and you can still love the ships. just don't get too obsessed with them. that makes you a bad fan. [in cheerful voice] LOVE ICARLY FOR EVERYTHING!!!

I gotta go now. I should add some info on the Fencer page =)

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