I think that I am the only one on this wiki who realized this, because everyone else was being too happy/upset about how iLost My Mind was going to be about Seddie

what I've realized is that iLost My Mind's promo gave out like 70% of the episode. which is weird, because I never cared about how much the previous promos gave out, like iGot a Hot Room (mainly because I wasn't a huge fan back then). but for this one, I'm surprised at how they gave out a lot of the episode. I'm surprised this time because this is supposed to be a special episode; iGot a Hot Room and other obvious known episodes probably weren't that special. usually, you people would care about this kind of thing, but not this time, even though that you cared about regular comedy episodes and not very special romantic episode like iLost My Mind

did any of you realize that as well, or am I thinking wrongly?

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