so, we all just learned that the sequel that Dan has been talking about is going to be for iPsycho (click here or here for more information). I'm not happy about it. why? because, for one thing, I didn't like that episode. I just don't like seeing the good iCarly people being trapped in a sound room by a psycho. also, I don't like Guppy. he's too random. I don't like randomness (don't ask why, or talk about this part)

the very main reason why I'm not happy about this kind of thing is because it should've been iSaved Your Life. even though I like Seddie, I'm starting to feel bad for the people who ship Creddie. Dan has been teasing the Creddie shippers enough recently (click here for more information). he's only been talking about Seddie and he is releasing a Seddie arc that is going to be filled with 4 or 5 episodes of nothing but Seddie! this must be really upsetting for people who ship Creddie (or some other ship that is not Seddie). if I liked Creddie, or if this kind of thing happened to Seddie, I would not be pleased. besides, didn't Dan said that the show wasn't really dedicated to ships? well, the arc is going to be filled with Seddie, which is a pairing

does anyone feel the same way? did any of you notice this kind of thing as well? comment what you think

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