I was just thinking about leaving the iCarly wiki for the following reasons:

  1. this whole place has been filling up with drama, emotion, and ship warring. it's upsetting and hard to deal with
  2. it turns out that I am not super hyper over iCarly anymore. Victorious has been catching my attention, especially with Robbie/Matt
  3. I seem to be really rude to many people. I'm always hating on most jokes and Seddie fun. you guys seem to strongly dislike (or if you're mean enough for it, hate) me for it. also, whenever you guys list your best friends, I'm never on the list, and it's probably because of this. sometimes I think that you guys hate me more than anyone else, even Katydidit. I guess a way to make you happy is for me to leave you guys absolutely alone
should I leave this place?

The poll was created at 22:03 on August 9, 2011, and so far 90 people voted.

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