wow, every few seconds, there are a lot of comments about the Seddie kiss. it's not worth reading a bunch of all-caps comments

as for me, I loved that part, but I didn't go crazy like you did. also, all of you are posting your entire comments with only all-caps. the rules say that all-caps should be saved for emphasis, which it wasn't. they also said that a full comment with only all-caps loses effect. now I'm seeing those crazy things

also, I'm becoming nervous of what all of the mature Cam shippers will say about this, because they get really mad. I also have a feeling that they will scream using the bold typing and will terribly threatening the Seddie shippers for loving such an unforgettable moment. please don't do this, Cam shippers. the Seddie shippers got another kiss, and Sam and Freddie hardly ever kiss

the episode itself was pretty good. I wonder what Sam drew on Gibby's forehead...

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