for such a long time (and I've noticed it for a long time as well), on this wiki, 95% of everything is getting off-topic. I never see anyone blog about iCarly or how the wiki works anymore. it's all about what happened to their selves, and of course, game blogs and blog series. plus, some of the comments, if not all (mostly on the Seddie page) are completely off topic and about personal lives and opinionated things. what's happening here? what's happening, you tell me. you tell me right now! what's happening, nothing about iCarly anymore!

I'm aware that I've blended into this kind of stuff in the past, but right now I'm feeling upset and worried about it. the iCarly wiki is about iCarly, not random things that you would say on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or such. one of the rules on the wiki say that comments on article pages are to only be about constructive dialogue, and not bickering and goofiness. people on here are breaking that rule too much a day. it would be so great if people started talking and blogging about iCarly again, and how the wiki should be working

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