after watching the promo for iLost My Mind and watching iOMG and iParty with Victorious, I just realized something

the newer episodes of iCarly are now about shipping things like Seddie. also, Dan has been talking about Seddie a lot. what's happening? iCarly doesn't look so comedy-like anymore, and iCarly is mainly about randomness and a web show, with the pairings taking the back seat. recently, the pairings are taking the front seat, leaving the randomness and web show fun behind! it's so weird for me to be concerned about this kind of stuff, because when it comes to an obsession with a TV show, I want to see romance. it's a natural thing that happens to me. I guess this happened because I lost interest in iCarly shipping (I'm now into Victorious shipping, because it's built to have more romance than iCarly, I think)

also, iOMG and iParty with Victorious have been having this kind of thing too. iOMG was mainly about if Sam was in love with Brad or Freddie, and the comedy was in the background. iParty with Victorious, well, the joy and happiness is there (which I'm not feeling for this one because Robbie got hurt, but that's not the point), but it was also filled with more romance than comedy. it's mainly about Steven being in love with both Carly and Tori, causing problems. now, iLost My Mind and maybe a few more upcoming episodes are going to be filled with too much romance and not enough comedy. I mean, I wouldn't mind this kind of thing if it were spread apart (like, full romance episode, then another one 4 episodes later), but this time, it's a bunch of romance episodes in a row. it just looks silly and unrealistic

now, I know some people on this wiki who watch iCarly for the comedy only, and are basically neutral shippers (meaning they don't obsess over a pairing). I think I am starting to be one of those people, and saving my urge for romance for Victorious, because like I said, it looks like something that is built for the romance to be in the passenger seat, not the back seat, while the comedy is the driver. I feel like I'm doing a good thing, but that might not be true

does anyone understand what I'm saying? does anyone feel the same way as I do. please tell me. y'know y'want to!

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