so we all know that Nick has been airing episodes of iCarly, Victorious, Spongebob, and a few more shows really far apart. why would Nick do this kind of thing? they should realise that the fans hate it when episodes of their favourite shows are really far apart. I wouldn't mind if they did this a few times, but they have been doing it a lot. it even upsets Dan!

this has been happening to season 4 so much. after iGot a Hot Room aired, iSam's Mom aired a month and a half later. after iDo aired, we had to wait a month for iStart a Fanwar, then 3 months for iHire an Idiot, then a month for iPity the Nevel, then 3 weeks for iOMG, then 2 months for iParty with Victorious, now 2 months for iLost My Mind and the rest of the Seddie arc. it's been almost a year since season 4 started, and there's only been 10 episodes (counting iParty with Victorious as one episode). also, I've heard that iMeet The First Lady will be airing in 2013, which I think is really stupid, although I'm not so sure if this is true. see the awfulness of what days these episodes have been aired?

also, this kind of thing doesn't just happen to iCarly. it happens to Victorious, Spongebob, and maybe other shows that I'm not aware of. I'm really upset on how there won't be a Victorious episode in a while. Prom Wrecker aired on May 21, and I'm guessing that the next Victorious episode will air after the Seddie arc, which is in August. that's 4 months a wait! I'm more upset for Victorious than iCarly, because I like Victorious more than iCarly. and believe it or not, they do this to Spongebob as well. new episodes usually air 2 months apart. and the worst part is, Nick won't tell us about some of the Spongebob episodes! they just air randomly! they only talk about a few episodes, and show a small part of an episode as well, only saying that there will be new episodes of Spongebob

do you think this is unfair? do you probably know why Nick is doing this to us? comment on what you think

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