I'm sure Dan is going to make a blog about what I'm saying one day, but if he does, don't come yelling at me saying he already made a blog

dear Seddie fans, why are you crying and hating on Dan? so, Seddie broke up. but don't boo-hoo about it. they might just be having a temporary break up, you know, taking a break. if not, they might get back together. Dan and his writers are always making surprises. also, if you're hating on Carly, why? she made a great fact. they should learn to like what each other like. it takes practise for a while. also, when Carly was talking to Spencer and Jenna, she wasn't talking to Sam and Freddie as well. they were just listening. it's their faults for listening

and another wrong thing you are doing. you're thinking that Seddie breaking up is ruining your lives. what on this planet is wrong with you?! you're saying Seddie is more important to you than anything else?! that's not right. I mean, it's okay to enjoy a ship, but making a huge deal out of it like it's the lead to your life is not. there are more important things in life than Seddie. like your family, school, health, and so much more. also, there are more things to cry about than a make-believe couple. like a real life couple you love breaking up near you, starving kids, bullied people, damaged animals, and your favourite celebrity dying. those are more important

and why do you have to hate Dan now? he created iCarly, the show that has made you laugh for as long as you've known it. he and his writers make some cool episodes. sure, there are some bad, wrong, OOC episodes, but you don't need to hate the whole show for it. who knows, maybe the next episode will be funny. besides, iCarly was meant for comedy. there was a loving Seddie arc, but it also had comedy in it. don't be thinking iCarly's only about relationships, because it's not. it's meant to make you laugh. and it will for as long as it's going to last

from, the Kitty girl

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