• Knight-of-Arthur

    „And here, poor fool! with all my lore

    I stand, no wiser than before“

    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust)

    I couldn't think of a more fitting quote to describe my opinion on iOMG. My latest predictions have been met to a pretty high extent. Yes, there was a Seddie moment; Yes, from what it seems Sam is in love with Freddie.

    But what did we really find out? A computer programm told Freddie and Carly that Sam is in love with somebody and that she spent some time with Freddie and Brad the days before the „important“ night. But how reliable is this „mood reader app“ Brad and Freddie put together? If I remember correctly, Sam was only the third person to be tested, so how do we know the outcome is true?

    And more or less immediately after the kiss the…

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  • Knight-of-Arthur

    So, the trailer for iOMG is out, together with some pretty interesting comments from the „God himself“, Dan Schneider. If you read this, you have with a 99.9% chance already read the blog and seen the trailer – probably even more than once. Just in case you are one of the 00.1%, go to Dan Schneider's blog first and read/watch it! Oh, and watch the extended version that is linked to the video.

    OMG; pretty fitting title for it, for this was my first thought and probably yours too. But even though it seems clear at first sight, whats about to happen in this episode, if you think about it in detail, there are far more questions brought up than answered, actually nothing is answered at all! And as if that wasn't enough, there are so many ways to…

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