ACT 1/Scene 1

      • Setting iCarly studio***

"Now look at us"

"Now look at Gibby"

"Now back at us"

"And back to Gibby"

"Now back to us, cause we are on a plane, in the ocean, Wait as I kill this octopus with my fist"

    • 10 minutes later**


Freddie turns off the camera while Brad finished on the labtop, Gibby climbs off his high horse (no pun intended) and the girls get a drink.

B-"Good show tonight"

C-"Yeah I think we might break our most views for a single episode record"

B- "The numbers will be up soon"

S- "So what is Spencer up to? Usually he has caught something on fire by now...

C- "No, he has a date tonight, Hey guys check your phone"

G- "Why?"

C-"I just got a text from Wendy, Honors Society is hosting a lock in this Friday"

S-"AHHHH, Its a requirement"

G- "Freddie why haven't you said anything?"

F-"Hmm, what? Oh umm. I just got an app on my pear phone and I was waiting for it to download."

C/S- "Cool what is it"/"Nerd"

F-"It is supposted to tell you your current state of emotion...99...100, so who wants to go first?"

G- ME!!! ME!!!

F-"Okay just put your finger there..." "And your result is.....awkward"

Everyone- Agrees in some way

C-"I'll go next"

F-"Ha. Your Bubbly"

B- "My turn"


B-"I was about to go down stairs to do that"

F-"Sam your turn"

S- "You go Frederly"

F-"Okay...I am ...*whispers* in love"

S- "Okay Momma's turn"

F-" Probably're in love too.

S- "That app is definitly bogus, lets go get some Chicken Pot Pie"

Act 1:Scene 2

  • Setting Carly's Kitchen after everyone was done..Freddie is about to leave*

Carly pulls Freddie aside

C:Freddie are you in love?

F:Can we just not talk about it?

C: No, we can't not just talk about it. F: But my mom's waiting for me to-- C: I don't care. Are you in love? F: Sooo... what was in that chicken pot pie? I mean, I know "chicken" obviously, but what other-- C: Are you in love or not? F: (LONG BEAT, THEN) Yes. C: (SIGHS) But you promised. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as-- F: I didn't say I was in love with you.

C:Then who are you in love with?

F: It isn't important I'll tell you later, I'm going to break curfew


Thats my prediction of the beginning should I write a middle and end?

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