Hellooo! Sorry it's been two weeks sine my last post :P Feel kinda sucky for doign that to ya'll :(

But anyway... My sleepover, was a MASSIVE success, had more than a few drinks, but yeah yeah :P My bessies had a great time, I had a great time (from what I can remember of it) and only had a minor headache in the morning. AND I got to go stay at my Aunt's and see my loveeely JJ :)

And I may have gotten into University (keep your fingers crossed :P) So all in all a good week, even though I have sunburn after spendign the day sunbathing in my garden (not a cloud in sight today, it was brilliant) and I have to do this army trip thing and also I had a biology exam yesterday that I may or may not have passed...

But on another note, I am going to see The Hangover Two and Pirates Of the Caribean Four! Even though I hate both Liz Hurley and Penelope Cruz (it's their mouths... they are just so big...) it's going to be epic. I adore the Hangover! It's the best movie ever (and Bradley Cooper isn't too bad too look at either :P )

In other news now, only nine days until iParty with Victorious!! Can't wait! Because after that comes.... iDate Sam & Freddie! YAY!! We finally will get to find out what Freddie's reaction is. We all know that it won't be what we expect it to be, it'll be massive, and awesome, but not what we expect cause it's Dan Schnieder and he never does what he's expected to do. But that is why we love him ( unless he screws us over, then it gets sorta personal...)

Now, can anyone suggest some good Seddie fanficts to read? Cause I have managed to work my way through all the ones on, and I need something to read! Help a girl put please :)

Okay, that's all I got to say, but here is my fave Seddie picture this week, check it, ma loveys ---->

Seddie Serious Faces by SmartiesTubesAndCats

Love it!

And that is all, my loyal bloggers...

Other than, for my more mature readers, has anyone read the fanfiction iSocks? Because it has vanished from and I am unable to find it anywhere.

If you haven't, don't worry about it, it's cool :)

Laters Loveys


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