So I don't normally write blogs, and probably shuldn't when I have a maths exam tomorrow that I have GOT to revise for ! But I just thought I'd write one anyway, because like to talk about random chizz that has no importance to anyone in my real life....

Liek the fact that I now obsessivly wear red and blue plaid and stripes all the time... or the fact that I randomly dance all around my house and say things that only I understand because they are from iCarly, which I have seen every episode of.

Although, my sister has seen every episode of Victorious (so have I, actually...) and no one mocks her for it... My family are a bunch of meanies lol :)

Speaking of which, how difficult is it to pair up in that show? I'm torn between Beck/Tori, Tori/Jade and Jade/Beck. So think I'll totally just support Borade! Which you can totally check out in my fafiction iAm Surviving Life over at! It's got a crossover shot with them in it :)

But other than that, and this awesome pic that I found on deviant art, I haven't been up to much really... Laters, peeps! Gotta go study, I guess :(

Pretty blue family

And check it out! I love this manip :)

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