• Lady Magique

    (Well, I can think of one way, but I don't think that you're going to like it.)

    Okay, first of all, my sister (Serene Girl) indicated the other day that she would no longer get involved in the "love triangle" debate, because she is tired of arguing about it. Honestly, it's kind of wearing on me, too.

    (Please don't misunderstand. I'm not suggesting that people should stop talking about it, if they wish to. I'm just saying that we won't be getting into it, anymore.)

    So, please, for this particular blog, let's just leave Carly out of it, okay? This is just about Sam and Freddie.

    For a while now, my siblings and I have been arguing that any relationship between Sam and Freddie isn't likely to last longer than a single episode, or perhaps a special (tw…

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