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January 30, 2011
  • Latersgee


    May 4, 2012 by Latersgee

    Never thought I'd be typing one of these. A rather odd time to be writing since the wiki isn't in a stage of drama. No ship wars or even dare I say it-deaths. I've never been one to make long blogs or comments. So expect it to be short.

    I feel my time on this wiki has ended. It wasn't a fast, quick decision. It took build-up, a long long time after confusion and misunderstandings. I used to comment and edit a lot as a newbie, and the chat almost became my life. Both of those things have lost their value for me. Not only is iCarly the show in its downfall, so is the wikia. Don't kill me if you don't feel this way, we're all entitled to our own opinions aren't we?

    I've tried relocating on the Victorious wikia, and I have to admit the atmospher…

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  • Latersgee

    Draw a Cat

    December 26, 2011 by Latersgee

    LET'S PLAY ANOTHER GAME. So I saw this tumblr post where you draw a cat on Paint with your eyes closed. The results were pretty funny so I thought I could turn it into a blogpost here! I lost the link though what a pity....e_e Anyways, this is my first blogpost in a while.'s my cat I drew with my eyes closed. You can use color if you can find/click/choose it with your eyes closed. Heheh.


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  • Latersgee

    This is my first blog in a while, sheesh. I see that there's a what kind of singers/bands you hate blog. That's cool and all, but now, time for some good old love! :D

    If you're on the main chat frequently, you know that I adore the Beatles. Not gonna go on and on about this because I know some people don't care. Opinions opinions opinions. Hehe. Classic rock is easily my favorite genre of music. For something today..... I like the Killers. A Dustland Fairytale is my favorite song by them.

    I'd like to hear some of your favorite artists and why you listen to them. Have a little friendly conversation! Respect for others please. Peace. (No I'm not a hippie)

    Latersgee 20:57, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Latersgee

    A Birthday Game

    June 17, 2011 by Latersgee

    Click the link. Comment on what type of sentence you have got. Have fun. I got "I went out with a gangster because I'm hot and I do what I want."

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  • Latersgee

    Please feel free to discuss whatever has happened in this episode in this blog. (which I currently am not watching at the moment because of being on West Coast) And to not be spammerific on other pages xD

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