• Laura TxX

    I can't wait to find out what happens in iDate Sam & Freddie, and from the title it all looks hopeful :) But if Seddie does happen will it last? I really don't want Seddie to happen for just this episode, if it does happen I want it to last for a good five episodes or something. If it only lasts for one episode it will just be another Seddie moment like in iKiss and that'll be that. I think Seddie should happen AND last because:

    There are more Seddie shippers than Creddie shippers (as they say)

    I know the Creddie shippers would be upset about Seddie happening and we would feel the same, if Creddie happened, us Seddie shippers would be really upset and it just wouldn't feel right. If Seddie happens iCarly may lose views from people who are Cr…

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