I can't wait to find out what happens in iDate Sam & Freddie, and from the title it all looks hopeful :) But if
347px-Sam and Freddie, iOMG

Sam and Freddie x

Seddie does happen will it last? I really don't want Seddie to happen for just this episode, if it does happen I want it to last for a good five episodes or something. If it only lasts for one episode it will just be another Seddie moment like in iKiss and that'll be that. I think Seddie should happen AND last because:

There are more Seddie shippers than Creddie shippers (as they say)

I know the Creddie shippers would be upset about Seddie happening and we would feel the same, if Creddie happened, us Seddie shippers would be really upset and it just wouldn't feel right. If Seddie happens iCarly may lose views from people who are Creddie shippers, but as there are more Seddie shippers, more fans will be pleased. If Creddie happens iCarly would lose more views as there are more Seddie shippers. If neither Seddie or Creddie happened, I think iCarly would lose even more views. I think Dan should take the risk and make Seddie happen, because it's better to lose a few views than lots altogether.

A relationship between Freddie and Sam or even Freddie and Carly should happen

I don't really feel comfortable saying this because I've always been a Seddie shipper and always will be, but I think Seddie or Creddie should definitely happen. (Preferably Seddie) iCarly will just be the same if Freddie doesn't date either one of them, it will just be a new episode with a new dilemma and nothing will change, there will be nothing to look forward to. Even if it's Creddie that happens, it will make iCarly more interesting and not just the same thing each episode. Since iOMG everyone's been dying to know what will happen and iCarly has suddenly got alot more views, because the viewers want this, they want something BIG like this to happen and everyone will be so excited to find out what happens next. Point being, I don't think Freddie shouldn't date one of them, I think Seddie or Creddie needs to happen. In a way Creddie has already happened in iSaved Your Life so now it should be time for Seddie.

Whatever happens in the future, we need to respect that and continue watching and loving iCarly if we're true fans, no matter what happens :) All of this is my opinion and you may not agree with it but I don't mind if you share, we all have rights.

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