So it's one in the morning here, and for some reason I always start contemplating iCarly at one in the morning.

And I was thinking...

I wanna know your guys' opinion on something. I don't really know how to phrase this do we know what's the actors and what's the characters?

I'm not saying this to insult the actors by any means, I adore the entire cast. I'm just saying that with some of this ship stuff (And yes, I realize this applies to BOTH Seddie and Creddie and any other ship of choice) people get all pyshced about 'Oh she looked at him this way' or 'Omg he said this or that in a weird tone of voice'. But it could just be the actors.

I'm not saying that they're bad actors, or that the script wasn't written for them to say some things a certain way or for some characters to stand close to each other or anything. I'm just saying that they're people, they are not their characters and the characters aren't even real. And people aren't perfect, so when people get all excited about stuff like that...well, some times we don't know if it's the characters or the actors.

Also, let it be known that I'm NOT saying this to insult any of you guys. I get excited about stupid small things on the show all the time. :)

So...thoughts, anyone?

  • prays for this not to turn into an argument*

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