I know I'm not the only one whose been less than enthused by Gibby's subplots this new 4th season.

I mean, I like Gibby. Okay, I love Gibby. My favorite season 1 episode is iWin A Date and one of my fav. season 3 episodes is iEnrage Gibby (it's tied with iThink They Kissed). And Noah Munck is a great actor. Hilarious. So I think he deserved to be added to the main cast....but not so much Gibby. Cause they haven't done anything worthwhile with him since they've put him there.

I liked Gibby when he was that younger kid that showed up occasionally, took his shirt off, and sometimes got a whole main or subplot to himself. But now it seems he needs to be included every episode, at least once, because he's in the main cast. And if the writers don't know how to include him...enter the really stupid B and C stories that we've gotten in iDo and iStart a Fanwar. So it's only twice, and I hope it doesn't continue, but the twice that it's been have been enough to vastly annoy me.

I think Gibby's character and Noah's talent are better than either of those "stories" he's been given. Usually iCarly can tie in the main plot and subplot quite nicely, or at least not make the subplot so stupid. These subplots are like little skits you'd find on shows like All That and The Amanda Show, so they're sorta funny, have some good one-off lines, but aren't worth putting into iCarly unless they're framed in the disguise of something on the iCarly webisodes. I think the writers are just trying to fill up space cause they didn't have a particularly strong main plot (I think iDo's story was really weak, and well, I like iStart a Fanwar, but y'know....)

And Guppy....oh, Guppy. Randomly saying "Happy Birthday!" can only be so funny for so long....

p.s- Why the heck has T-Bo been showing up so much? I like him too but him coming over for Carly's birthday in iGot a Hot Room was a bit much in my opinion. Even if he brought a waffle bouquet.

p.p.s- Well, glad I got that off my chest. Feel free to go read other more important things now ^^

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