So, by popular request, or something, I'm making what I wrote in one of Cartoonprincess' lovely blogs, into my own blog. Also, to counter some comments I've been seeing lately from Creddiers about how the Sam/Freddie kiss didn't mean anything.

This isn't so much about how the kiss in the storyline and for each character was meaningful (though I could argue that as well) but more about how it would be foolish to think that iKiss didn't mean anything just by looking at from the writing perspective. Really all you need is that the kiss did happen, but I'm gonna outline a few other points the immediately jump to mind, also countering them with the Creddie kiss(es).

Unfortunately I can't seem to copy and paste what I wrote into a blog so here's an external link: [1]

I'll warn you, it's kinda long.

Please comment below :D And I welcome debate with Creddie shippers or Cam shippers or the odd Devils Advocate.

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