1 Hope. 2 Possibilities. 3 Kisses. iLose My Mind (The Promo).


So I saw the ilose My Mind promo this morning when I got up, and I was like ".....OMFGWTFTHISISUNBELIEVABLE" and I like died. So first of all, I'm loving Freddie's new haircut. Second of all this gave me a new hope for Seddie! And lastly I dont' want to wait until August. >:(

Nitpicky Stuffs

So, I did post this on the iLMM but what I said was "After watching gifs of parts of the promo for about the 100th time I just realized that when Freddie's says "Can we talk about the kiss?" and when Carly's screams "SAM LOVES FREDDIE!" they HAVE to be in the mental hospital! I know this because the door in Sam's "room" is a heavy door and her room is very plain, so it can't be her room in her house. Also it's too bright and big to be Sam's room , I mean she's not exactly rich... Anyways, that's just my speculations.... Also I believe that the promo for iLose My Mind IS spread out between at LEAST 2 episodes, and hints towards the arc that has been talked about." I am pretty much blind when it comes to small details and I tend to overlook them so when I saw this I was like "WHAAT?!" I know most of you have probably seen this anyways, not that anyone's reading this, lol.


So as excited as I am for the next episode I have a feeling it'll keep us hanging, but hey, as I've said before, It's what keeps us watching.

So I'm gunna go butter a watermelon. BYE! :D

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