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  • I live in England :D
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is >;D
  • I am Girf
  • LilacDreamsx33

    Hey. xD

    Cherry and I have decided to do a blog series together :D

    A blog series based on a murder Mystery :].

    You'll get some info soon but for now we need some signups.

    You can create your own character, however they need to be a COMPLETE replica of yourself :). Same sex, and personality. Looks dont matter, you can change them if ya like :). (NO MAGICAL POWERS, unless we give you permission. xD)

    So sign up :D


    Age: (make your character at least 13, for safety of your account)






    Other Random Stuff:

    Sign up to be apart of the myserty.

    How are you supposed to know what happens if you dont sign up? xP.

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  • LilacDreamsx33

    There's so much Drama lately x(

    And I don't like it, c'mon guys dis is getting ridiculous! Let's be positive!!!! :DDD

    Positivity is what keeps this wiki alive,

    the friendship between each user. x)

    the amazing wikians! :DD

    Sooo.... too make this wiki... a little less despressing and argumentive...

    Lets Spread de love. >;D

    A lot of people are getting upset by each other, or fighting with each other... and it's upsetting x(.

    So, leave a comment saying what you love about this wiki and everyone else can reply to you whether they agree or disagree, or just leaving a comment. and They can write what they like about that user underneath as well.

    Stoppp the Drama people

    and Make peace!!!

    You can also leave a random smiley picture/gif xDDD

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  • LilacDreamsx33

    Your Dream :P

    March 13, 2012 by LilacDreamsx33

    So, what do you wish you could be/have?

    It's basically like a character profile :P

    Name: I wish my name was either Aria or Melody.. IDK, this is from the top of my head:P

    Gender: Female:P

    Age: 16 :DD

    Location: LA :DD

    Human... or?: Human xP

    Hair/Skin Colour: Red, Like Cat's S3 hair....I love her hair!!! x(

    Dream Job: Uh... an Actress or a writer x)

    Special Abilities: The power to protect myself from danger, read mines, invisibilty and can walk through walls!! :o

    Special pets... or owner... or friends?: I would have a pet Unicorn and Dolphin, also known as Dolicorn!! (SLH xD)

    And you can add any extra information if you can think of it xPP

    So that's my "me" charcater profile thingy majingy >;o

    What's yours? Don't be shy, put absulotely ANYTHING xDD

    How am I supposed…

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  • LilacDreamsx33


    March 1, 2012 by LilacDreamsx33


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  • LilacDreamsx33


    February 26, 2012 by LilacDreamsx33

    Here's another vent blog xP

    Feel free to vent! xD

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