iCarly Wiki


Smile Be Happy! :D

There's so much Drama lately x(

And I don't like it, c'mon guys dis is getting ridiculous! Let's be positive!!!! :DDD

Positivity is what keeps this wiki alive,

the friendship between each user. x)

the amazing wikians! :DD

Sooo.... too make this wiki... a little less despressing and argumentive...

Lets Spread de love. >;D

A lot of people are getting upset by each other, or fighting with each other... and it's upsetting x(.

So, leave a comment saying what you love about this wiki and everyone else can reply to you whether they agree or disagree, or just leaving a comment. and They can write what they like about that user underneath as well.

Stoppp the Drama people

and Make peace!!!

Cat Happy Smile


You can also leave a random smiley picture/gif xDDD

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