So, what do you wish you could be/have?

It's basically like a character profile :P

Name: I wish my name was either Aria or Melody.. IDK, this is from the top of my head:P

Gender: Female:P

Age: 16 :DD

Location: LA :DD

Human... or?: Human xP

Hair/Skin Colour: Red, Like Cat's S3 hair....I love her hair!!! x(

Dream Job: Uh... an Actress or a writer x)

Special Abilities: The power to protect myself from danger, read mines, invisibilty and can walk through walls!! :o

Special pets... or owner... or friends?: I would have a pet Unicorn and Dolphin, also known as Dolicorn!! (SLH xD)

And you can add any extra information if you can think of it xPP

So that's my "me" charcater profile thingy majingy >;o

What's yours? Don't be shy, put absulotely ANYTHING xDD

How am I supposed to know if you don't tell? :o....

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