1.Who is Sam's old archenemy, and rival? 2.Which episode showed Seddie kissing in Season 4? 3. Which episode showed Creddie kissing? 4. What is the parody of Jamba Juice? 5. What movie did Spam star in? 6. What episode had a blooper, and had Drake Bell in it? 7. What were the two specials that Victoria Justice was in? 8. What episode was filmed May 9 - 12 2011? 9. Who are Chuck's family? 10. Who was Freddie's girlfriend in altern reality? 11. Who played as Mrs. Briggs? 12. Which teacher got arrested? 13. Who was the character looking for his (chicken) wings? 14. Who was a former child model 1995 - 1998? 15. What episode did the character, Cort starred in? 16. What studios did ICarly moved into? 17. Who used to had a vision problem in the end of IBalls? 18. What apartment do Carly, and Spencer live in? 19. How long did Sam, and Sam's Mom stay in? 20. What is the DVD date, the first season DvD case released? 21. What DVD case has 5 How To Rock episodes in it? 22. What episode did Creddie danced together? 23. What is the name of the parody of Britney Spears? 24. What is the parody of The Statue Of Liberty? 25. Who were Spencer's employees to make The ICarly trophies?

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