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  • Livin4Skating

    Hello guys! Today I wanted to post my fanfic for you guys, so here we go! I worked hard... so I hope you like it.

    Freddie's POV

    I watched Gibby at the mall getting a new copy of his head made, he looks ridiculous in it. My huge phone rang in my pocket, and I saw it was Sam. So of course, I answered it.

    "Sup?" I asked to Sam.

    "Hey, where are you?" she asked me.

    "At the mall with Gibby. He was getting a new copy of his head made but now his real head is stuck in a machine." I answered.

    "Hilarious, but... I got to talk to you about something important."

    Uh oh.. what could this be? I'm nervous. Do you think... she wants to get back together? Wait, no probably not, I shouldn't get my hopes up.. but still. I guess.. what should I do? THINK Freddie THIN…

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  • Livin4Skating

    Merry Christmas Sam & Freddie

    Summary: Spencer moves out of the apartment since Carly is in Italy with her father. Sam and Freddie are alone during Christmas. One shot. Seddie.

    A/N: Hey guys, it's me SeddieIceCream. I worked pretty hard on this fanfic, so I hope you like it. P.S. The characters get a little bit OOC but that's how the fanfic is supposed to be, so no mean comments about that, thanks.


    Normal POV

    Freddie woke up in his room, it was Christmas Day. Unfortunately, his mom didn't get him any presents because she thought it would be 'too much' for Freddie, and she would think it would turn him into a spoiled brat.

    Freddie walked in the kitch…

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  • Livin4Skating

    iGoodbye Part 2

    November 27, 2012 by Livin4Skating

    iGoodbye Part 2

    Rated: K+

    Freddie's POV:

    I was still leaning against my door.

    Sam walked over to

    "Oh, hi Sam." I said.

    "Are you okay?" asked Sam.

    "Yeah, I'm fine." I said.

    "What happened when Gibby, Spencer, and I were downstairs by the way?" she asked.

    I started to panic. I didn't want to tell Sam that me and Carly kissed. It could of left her shocked or broken-hearted. But, I think I should just tell her.

    "You really want me to tell you?" I asked.

    "Yes.." said Sam.

    "Carly and I kissed." I said.

    I could see the hurt in Sam's facial expression. I could see that she was very upset.

    After about 10 seconds of silence, I finally said something.

    "But it was just like a goodbye kiss." I said.

    "Oh.." said Sam in a shaky voice.

    I could tell she was defeate…

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  • Livin4Skating

    As you can see, this is a Seddie Tinychat Party when iGoodbye airs.

    The party will start 30 minutes before the airing of iGoodbye.

    All Seddiers are welcome to come.

    There will be SEDDIE, Spaghetti Tacos, fun, and maybe even some crying cause iCarly is ending! XD


    During the episode, you are not allowed to talk on mic or webcam so we can all hear the episode. During the episode you can type, but no talking.

    After the episode, you MAY SCREAM ALL YOU WANT! XD

    Here is where the party for Seddiers will be located:

    The password is loveh8isgr8.

    I am a mod, so if any trolls come in, I will block them.

    So, if you want to come, please comment down below and I will put you on the guest list. (:

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  • Livin4Skating

    And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.

    After iCarly ends, I can't spend much time on the wikia, because first of all, this place will be dead. We will have nothing to talk about. Even though we will probably move to the Sam & Cat wikia, let me tell you guys this:

    I will miss you all. Even the people who hated me on this wikia. I will miss all my Seddie friends and all my Creddie friends. You guys were amazing and nicest friends.

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