Hey guys, I'm going to say something, and I know it's going to upset most of you.

I'm leaving the wiki until the iGoodbye airing in November. I'm sorry, but it's happening.

The reason why i'm leaving is pretty complicated, not something stupid like "ohh everyone hate me wah wah wah" No.

I'm leaving cause of my disorder. Unfortunately, I have a serious addict to Seddie. I can't stop replaying seddie episodes, videos, & going on the wiki to find drama. It all started a couple months ago after Seddie broke up. Yeah yeah, you guys are gonna say "well i have a bigger addiction" you might say that, but the problem is that I found out what is making me have panic/anxiety attacks. Seddie. Yeah, sounds ridiculous, right? A make believe ship is making me have panic attacks, wtf? Yeah, I know. But it's making me take medication and going to see people just to stop my attacks, but sometimes my attacks are for different reason. I'm sorry guys, but I'm not watching any more iCarly episodes, but I am watching iGoodbye. Sorry, but I'm leaving the wiki until November. I will see you in another month. But right now instead of focusing of Seddie being endgame, I need to focus on more important things.

I will check the comments on my blog tomorrow, and that will be it. I won't be on tinychat or the wiki.

I will be on the A.N.T. Farm wiki though, because Folive doesn't make me have panic attacks because I don't ship it as much as Seddie. So find me on the Folive page ♥

But anyways, I will see ya'll in November. Keep hope in Seddie.


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