Hey guys, it's me. Anyways, I'm taking a very very long break from the wikia. It's not something stupid like "everyone hates me, boohooboohoo". Nope. It's because I'm very stressed out with the Seddie vs Creddie stuff, and it's getting me to the point where i'm shaking. I WILL come back though. You won't see me on the wiki for a while. Oh, and I'm making an official date when I'm coming back. June 18th, 2012. When I come back, it would make me so happy if you all welcomed me :) PS. IF SOMETHING MAJOR HAPPENS (example: creddie gets back together) OR (seddie gets back together) Then PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE ON MY WALL. I will come on the wiki to check my messages, but not something like "Hi" or anything like that. ONly if it's important, feel free to leave a message. Bye guys and have a great summer :)

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